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Brexit and Aliens, par Duncan Sutherland

As has been remarked upon already, Brexit will force you to carry a passport and be subject to immigration control at the UK border like the generality of foreign citizens who have no special privileges in respect of admissibility to England’s green and pleasant land. I say England rather than Great Britain or even the United Kingdom, because UK immigration control is based essentially upon an English attitude towards foreigners and an English tradition in keeping their numbers under control. Furthermore, as you know, England’s northern appendage, Scotland, has no wish to impose Brexit immigration controls but is dragged into doing so, just as it was dragged into leaving the European Union, where it was perfectly happy to be. In England, on the contrary, one of its periodic outcries against foreigners and all their works created a demand for something to be done about them. Hence the 2016 Brexit referendum and the the English decision to send you all packing and subsequently to keep you from interfering in English affairs ever again.
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The State of Play, By Blake McInerney

The State of Play

Dogma, theory, law instruct us all
There’s them that’s got and them that’s not
That, without the readies or the wherewithal,
People are nothing but fodder, fit just for the pot.

So strip Creation, Nature, down to the bone,
privatise life ‘til all expire, unbeknown
to all ( save God, whose trappings we now own ! )
become, everlastingly so, free :
free to sanctify inequality,
free to worship Money and Self alone
free to crown the human ape-baboon
future Queens and Kings of Mars or Moon.

Free to oppress and dispossess the poor,
Making Abrahamic chasms wider*,
free to enshrine elites above the law
ensuring none of us may be the wiser,
free to bask as glorious sons of New-Man :
monied incarnations of Space-born Hu-Man.

* Cf. Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus in Gospel of Luke  16, vv 19 – 31 – The First Year of The Plague. Where Do We Stand?, March 3d 2021

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Europe and the West have not been able to deliver so far, in contrast to the Chinese, who have been better on this front.

Paul Jorion

Lockdown im Februar 2021. Es gilt weiterhin eine Maskenpflicht.

picture alliance / Daniel Kubirski

The Covid-19 pandemic started over a year ago. Time now for an assessment of how our Western governments reacted to what we more realistically called a plague rather than a crisis in the not so distant past.

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United States – November Presidential: The Spectrum of the 1876′ Stalemate

First in French on July 27

We hear a lot about 1876 these days in the United States. The reason is this: the 1876 presidential election resulted, not in a draw between the two candidates but in the equivalent of a  stalemate in  chess: a block forcing the game to be canceled… which is not – you will agree – an option in a presidential election, therefore, the  outgoing president, General Grant, considered handing over power to the military. We narrowly escaped through bargaining between the two candidates.

This time, however, one of the candidates is not willing to bargain. He has even hinted at (“we’ll see…”) that he would not recognize the result of the election if he were to lose it. The director of his campaign is even clearer: “If the president loses, the election will have been rigged!”  Continue reading United States – November Presidential: The Spectrum of the 1876′ Stalemate

Has Trump betrayed the values of the Republican Party or revealed its true nature?

31 August 2020 

If you follow a little bit what I say here, you will know that I believe that there are several tendencies within the Republican Party in the United States and that Trump represents only one of them.

I had the opportunity to mention the existence of a center-right tendency represented during his lifetime by John McCain (died In August 2018), recalling that a close associate of the late senator from Arizona was behind the release to the press of the Steele report.  The most serious accusation of the report, is that Trump is the victim of blackmail by Russia, said to have compromising documents about him, recorded during one of his stays in Moscow. I also pointed out, when speculation abounded about the identity of the whistleblower who revealed the infamous conversation of July 25, 2019, when Trump made the renewal of U.S. military aid to Ukraine conditional on getting compromising information on Joe Biden. Rumor has it that this person was a former close associate of McCain.

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The kind persons translating my posts thought it might be a good idea to revive the summary I gave at the time of Robert Mueller’s hearing a little over a year ago. Here it is.


A SUMMARY BY P. JORION (07/25/2019)

Mr. Robert Mueller is an elderly man. He will turn 75 in a few days (August 7), and several American commentators have complained about this. They were hoping yesterday for someone with more punch, with a more assertive voice. They said that nowadays a 74 year old has more confidence, doesn’t search for his words, as was sometimes the case yesterday.

I guess unlike Robert Mueller and, among others, Paul Jorion, they did not attend the whole 7 hours of hearings, so they did not suffer from exhaustion.

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Trends-Tendances – The danger zone, August 27 2020

The danger zone

If someone had solemnly said to me at some point in my life: “in ten years time we will look back and realize that humanity is at a turning point at this very moment, and that its survival depends on the great decisions that must be taken now in a hurry”, I would have asked my interlocutor a question in return, I would have said to him: “Why this moment rather than any other: the human race has gone through many trials”. I might even have added, a bit sarcastically: “Perhaps you know something that the rest of the world doesn’t? Is an asteroid heading straight for us? “».

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Why Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as Vice President is a “good” thing…

United States – Why Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as Vice President is a “good” thing… – August 12, 2020

If I were a citizen of the United States and I had the opportunity to vote in a municipal or state election, I would certainly find a better candidate than Joe Biden or Kamala Harris on the ballot.

So why say that Biden’s choice of Harris as Vice President is a “good” thing?

Because of the state that the United States, this unfortunate nation, is in right now. It is an “unfortunate nation” because, like the pseudo-democracies of the West (“pseudo” because of the distortions of power created by the existence of colossal fortunes), it was not aware of the fact that its institutions based on goodwill and candor, exposed it to the risk that a predator showing no respect for any of these kind features, might eat it up.

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The Trump Meteorite Fall. Volume 2: “High treason!” soon to be published

“The Trump Meteorite Fall”, Volume 1: A Misidentified Populist Object

I’ve written in French a two-volume book on the fall of the Trump meteorite. The first volume was issued in October last year. Here is the introduction of the soon to be published second volume.

The Trump Meteorite Fall. Volume 2: “High treason! ”


In the first volume of The Fall of the Trump Meteorite, we saw, as its title indicated, a misidentified populist object appear, which not only would easily find its way into the Republican Party primaries, quickly moving into the lead, but, even more astoundingly, would win the presidential election. Of course, he would have benefited from the complex system of the “Electoral College”, which, in attempting to strike a delicate balance between population and territory in the United States, favors rural areas and disadvantages ethnic minorities residing primarily in urban areas.

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