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  • Exorcising animal spirits out of Keynes, by Paul Jorion

    Exorcising animal spirits out of Keynes

    Paul Jorion, Stewardship of finance chair, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    To be published in a forthcoming issue of the European Journal of Social Theory: special issue on “Rethinking Capitalism”, 2014

    Might be referred to as “European Journal of Social Theory (forthcoming): http://www.pauljorion.com/blog_en/?p=1229″


    Torn between the duties associated with the capacities of academic, banker and statesman, Maynard Keynes was in a constant hurry. He glossed over the missing parts of the economic theories he devised by referring to various unfathomable ‘psychological mechanisms’. It is claimed here that interest rates set at the … Read the rest


    The Spanish risk premium

    There were two bond issues today, one in Spain, the other in Denmark, which allow us to carry out an interesting little calculation of the risk premium required of Spain when it borrows on the capital markets.

    A short while ago the Spanish Treasury department issued more than 3 billion Euros of debt for 12- 18 month securities.

    Because we must always look on the bright side of life, it was pointed out that for an offer of only 3 billion there was a demand up to 8 billion – which is always nice to know, … Read the rest