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  • « Dédicace too big to … », by luami

    Guest post.

    « Dédicace too big to … »

    Have you heard of “too big to fail !”?
    Now they say “too big to jail !”
    They know they have the whole power
    Because they finance the lawyer!

    They don’t care about Justice
    Nor about the State Police
    They have put the money somewhere
    But no one can really know where!

    They only want to be The Boss
    And let the others share the loss
    They will be away if the war
    Starts at the corner or next door!

    They act as the worst parasites
    Because they have more than … Read the rest

  • VUB, “Stewardship of Finance” Chair, tenth lecture, 28th February 2013

    The tenth lecture in the course, devoted to risk and insurance: financial risk, systemic risk, the insurance business’ first steps, the methodology: Value at Risk, regulation: Solvency II.

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    My most recent column in the French daily paper Le Monde : Le risque systémique court toujours. As usual the translation is due to Bénédicte.

    Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy, on September 15, 2008, and its aftermath – more than one trillion dollars being injected into the financial system – have caught people’s attention about financial firms “too big to fail”, i.e. that their bankruptcy is bound to automatically cause the downfall of the entire financial system.

    On June 15, the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, that is to say “the central bank of central banks”, announced the measures it … Read the rest