The subprime crisis in 2007

I’m aware I’ve neglected my English blog but there were two good justifications for that: I was finishing writing up a new book called “La crise des subprimes en 2007” (untranslatable) and I was promoting that coming book in Paris by speaking at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, talking on the radio and giving several interviews to dailies and weeklies.

My book that was published just a year ago, “Vers la crise du capitalisme américain?” made it to the top ten list of the (French) “Readers of economy books’ prize” – which was a nice surprise as I was not aware I had written an economy book and creates a nice buzz about the coming one.

So I’m back ! or at least I hope so!


One response to “The subprime crisis in 2007”

  1. The anglophones are glad to hear it! Enough of this fancy French fluffy financial fol-de-rol! Let us now look forward to something of substance, something of significance in the tradition of acting in heavy metal videos, or indulgence in good food, or movies, – and leave the heavy lifting to Sarkozy and that lot…!