The Implosion, Finance vs. the Economy

My new book called “The Implosion, Finance vs. the Economy – What the subprime crisis reveals and foretells” (L’Implosion, La finance contre l’économie – Ce que révèle et annonce la crise des subprimes) will be published on May 4th. The publisher is Arthème Fayard, one of the top French publishers who will realize here a prowess in terms of speed between the reception of a finalized version of a manuscript and the printed book hitting bookstores.

I’m honored that Mr. Claude Durand, head of Fayard, read in no time two versions of my manuscript. When at Editions du Seuil Mr. Durand created a groundbreaking series entitled “Combats”. He was in the same vein the first to publish Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the West.

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