The willing catalyst

On September 5th, I wrote on my French blog : “D’ici à la fin du mois il semble donc bien que les conditions d’un krach soient réunies”, meaning in proper English:

It seems therefore that from now until the end of the month the conditions for a crash are being met.

The risk of my being right diminishes of course by the day. What is intriguing however within the current setup is that – should it happen – a culprit would be close at hand. We’ve learned indeed from the press that the discussions yesterday in Washington were about to succeed when John McCain’s interference led a number of Republican congressmen to withdraw from a potential agreement.

So I’d like to reiterate – just in case : the conditions for a crash were met since September 5th.

Of course should anybody be wiling to volunteer as a catalyst…

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One response to “The willing catalyst”

  1. je n’ avais pas encore découvert vos écrits , mai je jouais de puis juin lla chute du pétole et attendais la plongée des bourses , c’ est vrai qu’ à l’ époque on faisait un peu extraterrestre