Translated from the French by Tim Gupwell.

Le Monde, the 27th August : Hollande’s popularity falls by 11 points, according to Ipsos

Article first published on the 29th March:

In the context of a series of interviews commissioned by LELAB2012 on what is at stake in the presidential and legislative elections in France, I was asked yesterday what my ‘dream first 100 days’ would consist of. Here are my proposals:

1. The reinstatement of the prohibition on speculation

2. The prohibition of the transfer of information (in both directions) between clearing houses and tax havens (all tax havens, including those tolerated by States in enclaves on their own territory).

3. The redefinition of a shareholder in a company as someone who advances capital (a lender), rather than as an owner

4. The determination of stock market prices, fixed uniquely on a daily basis.

5. The abolition of the privileging of moral agents (corporations) over physical people.

6. The prohibition of fiscal optimization practices from companies by means of transactions between the holding company and subsidiaries, or between subsidiaries.

NB: Yes, I know the freedom-bing-bam-boom- of the markets will have been assassinated, massacred etc. but the rest of the world will be so much BETTER off!!

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