Video – 4 Doom Scenarios

On the Beach (1958); The Terminator (1984); Elysium (2013); Interstellar (2014)

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  1. Unfortunately IA is not The solution… We have to think outside the box… And IA just calculate fast but inside the box… As a result, IA has just create other problems each time it tries to solve another one… It’s a neverending run… Only wiseness of human being can solve this… IA is just a machine, like cars are machine to go from one point to the other faster than by walking. If we use IA has a machine, yes it can save us… But only if the programmation of the machine is right… And that’s the key of the problem because most of the time, programmation are inside the box… You can’t solve a problem by this way, you have to change the paradigme and only human being can do that. Think outside the box…

    • I fear your views of AI are pretty much outdated. They pre-date in any case neural networks. What you are talking about is an AI without any non-linear effects. You need to get back in time at least 30 years to find that.

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