The State of Play, By Blake McInerney

The State of Play

Dogma, theory, law instruct us all
There’s them that’s got and them that’s not
That, without the readies or the wherewithal,
People are nothing but fodder, fit just for the pot.

So strip Creation, Nature, down to the bone,
privatise life ‘til all expire, unbeknown
to all ( save God, whose trappings we now own ! )
become, everlastingly so, free :
free to sanctify inequality,
free to worship Money and Self alone
free to crown the human ape-baboon
future Queens and Kings of Mars or Moon.

Free to oppress and dispossess the poor,
Making Abrahamic chasms wider*,
free to enshrine elites above the law
ensuring none of us may be the wiser,
free to bask as glorious sons of New-Man :
monied incarnations of Space-born Hu-Man.

* Cf. Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus in Gospel of Luke  16, vv 19 – 31

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