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  • This was what Brexit was preparing and enabling the British to do, by Duncan Sutherland

    Last night I dreamed a dreadful dream. The world as we knew it ceased to be when a global pestilence descended upon it while its climate changed disastrously and uncontrollably. Standing among the ruins of the ancient Roman forum, the leader of the British revealed that he had had a vision. He had perceived that climate change was like unto the decline and fall of the Roman empire, the collapse of a civilized world.

    Himself instrumental in undermining the present-day European empire by releasing the British from its grasp, he now contemplated the chaos and collapse to come when wave … Read the rest

  • Brexit and Aliens, by Duncan Sutherland

    As has been remarked upon already, Brexit will force you to carry a passport and be subject to immigration control at the UK border like the generality of foreign citizens who have no special privileges in respect of admissibility to England’s green and pleasant land. I say England rather than Great Britain or even the United Kingdom, because UK immigration control is based essentially upon an English attitude towards foreigners and an English tradition in keeping their numbers under control. Furthermore, as you know, England’s northern appendage, Scotland, has no wish to impose Brexit immigration controls but is dragged into … Read the rest

  • PJ’s Daily Bugle #5 – To Brexit or NOT TO BREXIT?