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  • A mail exchange about JP Morgan’s “The Euro area adjustment: about halfway there”, Europe Economic Research, 28 May 2013

    From : Paul Jorion
    Object : The Euro area adjustment: about halfway there
    Date : 21 June 2013 21:33:20 UTC+02:00
    To : Malcolm Barr, David Mackie

    Good day MM. Barr and Mackie,

    I’m writing to you as I receive several mails drawing my attention to the following paragraph of your recent May report:

    “The political systems in the periphery were established in the aftermath of dictatorship, and were defined by that experience. Constitutions tend to show a strong socialist influence, reflecting the political strength that left wing parties gained after the defeat of fascism. Political systems around the periphery

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  • AFTER THE WORDS, THE MAGIC FORMULA…, by François Leclerc

    Guest post. Translated from the French by Tim Gupwell

    What can you say when you are in total disagreement? You can always assert, with one voice, the need for a union! This is this perspective that the quartet composed of José Manuel Barroso, Mario Draghi, Jean-Claude Juncker and Herman Van Rompuy (in alphabetical order) continues to work on.

    A new magic word has been discovered and is going to be proclaimed with all its variations, to push for the implementation of four unions: banking, fiscal, economic and political. With the fiscal union already in the pipeline, the next stage which … Read the rest

  • LE MONDE-ÉCONOMIE, Ordinary scandals, Monday 4 – Tuesday 5 June 2012

    My most recent column in the French daily paper Le Monde : Les pigeons de facebook. Translated from the French by Tim Gupwell.

    In the book which he dedicated to the 1929 Crash (*), John Kenneth Galbraith, made the remark that if everyone talks frequently of fraud during periods of crisis, it is not because an endemic disease has suddenly turned into an epidemic, but because with everyone paying more attention to it, he who imagines that the suspicion may come to rest on him, promptly transforms himself to all intents and purposes into a denouncer.

    This is a … Read the rest