What may happen to you because you live in LA

A couple of weeks ago we had a lazy summer Sunday much unlike our habitual boogie boarding or being on the lookout for some new budding talent of the LA pictorial underground: we acted in a video clip for My Ruin.

We had attended the concert in East Hollywood on July 17th; I didn’t mind Heavy Metal forty years ago so why would I have changed my mind? Here’s a picture taken that night.
Tairrie B. - July 17, 2007
A tall guy asked me why I was there as my age was making the average shoot up by twenty years; I told him Adriana knows Tairrie B.; my answer reassured him and he didn’t call the police. Here unmistakable evidence that they indeed know each other. Adriana is on the left-hand side.
Adriana and Tairrie B.
The studio lies at the precise location where North Hollywood turns into sand and brush. Logically, because she’s got the right degree, Adriana should have been the doctor but as I look much much more doctoral, I got the part.
An anonymous blogger, Tairrie B. and Adriana
Being the nurse wasn’t too bad either: the part meant more time spent under the spotlight.
After the accident I
After the accident II
We like the beach; we like the weather and honestly, we don’t mind being stars! We love LA!
My Ruin + Adriana