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  • Santa Crisis

    A blog gives you visibility, allowing people from all over with views akin to yours getting in touch. That’s what happened a couple of months ago with conceptual artist, Little Shiva asking: “What about a common project?” I told her of a possible allegory for the crisis, a symbol that you could copy here and there, whose name would be Santa Crisis.

    After some going back and forth, here he is: a jolly old elf!

    Make him known: that’s the idea. Just inform where he was born: here and there.

    Click to enhance.… Read the rest

  • Galactic Report XYZ 00098887


    I need to report to you what might be a case of acute poisoning while on mission on planet Terra.

    Yesterday, in the course of my duty, I happened to hold very tight for a couple of minutes a human female (from now on HF). Today, as a consequence of this I developed disturbing symptoms. Repeatedly during the day, and for no apparent reason, my train of thought was brought back to holding the HF tight. Each time the memory occurred my body was overwhelmed by a powerful feeling reminiscent of the influence of a toxic substance. The feeling … Read the rest

  • Logic and semantics in Woody Allen’s “The UFO Menace”

    We read in Woody Allen’s “The UFO Menace” (*) that:

    “Professor Leon Speciman postulates a civilization in outer space that is more advanced than ours by approximately fifteen minutes. This, he feels gives them a great advantage over us, since they needn’t rush to get to appointments.”

    With due respect to the Nobel Prize laureate I would like to inform him that, had he been familiar with the work of the Mohist logicians (4th and 3rd Centuries B.C.) and with the Mo-tzu in particular, he wouldn’t have come up with such flawed reasoning. Indeed, that a civilization in outer space … Read the rest

  • What may happen to you because you live in LA

    A couple of weeks ago we had a lazy summer Sunday much unlike our habitual boogie boarding or being on the lookout for some new budding talent of the LA pictorial underground: we acted in a video clip for My Ruin.

    We had attended the concert in East Hollywood on July 17th; I didn’t mind Heavy Metal forty years ago so why would I have changed my mind? Here’s a picture taken that night.
    Tairrie B. - July 17, 2007
    A tall guy asked me why I was there as my age was making the average shoot up by twenty years; I told him Adriana knows … Read the rest

  • Toons in contemporary LA underground iconography

    Since Roy Lichtenstein made a lasting impression on the fine arts’ scene by turning individual frames of comic strips – or at least a likeness of them – into paintings, expanding to their new scale the standard pointilliste techniques for representing shading on newspaper-quality paper, a point of transit has been established between the exclusive world of fine arts and the prosaic one of comic strips.

    Of course the reversed connection has a much better established ancestry as ambitious comic strips authors have found in the fine arts inspiration for their individual styles. Most notorious of course, the influence of … Read the rest

  • The miracle that never was

    I was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway on the morning lap of my daily commute and was listening to the classical music program broadcast from the University of South California and I was thinking to myself “This is great, this is what we like to hear on a classical music station: something different. What is this ? A piece by Béla Bartok unknown to me? Or is it perhaps a later twentieth century composition? That beat, like with the Ghanaian tom-tom from my adventurous days; the beat that Trance music (130 to 160 beats per minute) has put to … Read the rest

  • California salivating

    What we did last Saturday was a bit over the top: we drove 200 miles to have dinner. We’re bound to have eaten too little on Friday night as we woke up the following morning wondering where to have dinner. We ruled out our default solution, the zero degree of our imagination, Gladstone’s in Pacific Palisades (1): it’s close, it’s simple, it’s good and it has the beachy atmosphere. But I guess we wanted to move away from that zero degree. For just one second we envisaged two of our other favorite hang-outs before pushing them aside for being too … Read the rest

  • An experiment in Wikiology

    I marvel at Wikipedia. There is hardly a day when I don’t go and check their site, looking up some concept, often mathematical, sometimes financial, or finding out about any other question I happen to be asking myself, about Joachim Pateniers or the bodhisattva.

    In the beginning, I would only fix the typos I was coming across. Until one fateful day I got so frustrated that there was no entry for “amortizing loan” that I chose to write it up myself. The dynamics of that collective project appeal to me. I remember a science-fiction story about planet Earth being … Read the rest

  • Beijing’s Food Palace

    The girl who was taking us to the opera asked where we intended to have dinner and we told her we would be going for the third time in a row to the Golden Tripod Attic. There was some sneer in her voice when she said “But that’s a normal place!” And she was right: the Golden Tripod Attic is a “normal” Beijing place, nothing like the fancy schmantzy Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant where we had some fun eating the all-duck set menu – despite the European couple at the neighboring table keeping a permanently lit cigarette close … Read the rest