Calendar of the remaining events associated to the “Stewardship of Finance” Chair at the VUB

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On March 7th, my lecture will be devoted to the Enron corporation and its downfall as a counter-example of stewardship of finance.

On March 13, Jacques Attali will be our guest. He is head of Pla-Net Finance and of the study group on a positive economy (of which I have the privilege of being a member). He will answer the question “Peut-on théoriser l’avenir ?”

On the following day, on March 14th, I will be discussing “Financial instruments in an ethical perspective”, with an extensive review of those which are at the centre of the current crisis: Credit-Default Swaps, Asset-Backed Securities, Collateralised Debt Obligations and synthetic CDOs.

On the 20th and the 21st of March will be held a three-part, two-day, event dedicated to answer “Is there an ethical manner to ensure the redistribution of newly created wealth?”

It will be initiated by European Commissioner for Trade Karel de Gucht on March 20th. On the following day I will deliver my lecture on the same subject, which will be followed by a Panel discussion with distinguished guests: Bruno Colmant (Roland Berger), Hilde Vernaillen (P&V Group), Benoît Verwilghen (CFO and vice-CEO of Ethias) and Benoît Lallemand (Finance Watch), moderated by Steven Rombaut (VRT journalist).

My lecture on March 28th will be devoted to “Speculation. Its causes, consequences, and history”.

On April 17th, I will be talking about “Our species and the planet which hosts it”. Finally on April 18th there will be a private event for our students writing a Master dissertation within the Chair’s framework (on the occasion of which I will deliver the introductory speech).