Why Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as Vice President is a “good” thing…

United States – Why Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as Vice President is a “good” thing… – August 12, 2020

If I were a citizen of the United States and I had the opportunity to vote in a municipal or state election, I would certainly find a better candidate than Joe Biden or Kamala Harris on the ballot.

So why say that Biden’s choice of Harris as Vice President is a “good” thing?

Because of the state that the United States, this unfortunate nation, is in right now. It is an “unfortunate nation” because, like the pseudo-democracies of the West (“pseudo” because of the distortions of power created by the existence of colossal fortunes), it was not aware of the fact that its institutions based on goodwill and candor, exposed it to the risk that a predator showing no respect for any of these kind features, might eat it up.

Joe Biden is a centrist with no strong convictions, but who has his heart on his sleeve in “down home” way. When summoned to improvise, he always comes up with something that, without being powerfully imaginative, at least warms the heart. That is not insignificant in our times, weakened by fear, isolation and loneliness which is offered to us as the only remedy for the fear of dying.

Kamala Harris, who is presented to us by this nation of brutal colonization (unable to integrate its past of genocidal treatment of its original inhabitants and its shameless exploitation of its imported chained labor) as a “woman of color who is both Black and Asian”. She is not a congenial character if one remembers her times as the Attorney General of California, where sometimes she was insensitive in cases which demanded a less principled response.

In happier times, one would have far preferred  a “ticket” with Elizabeth Warren as President and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as Vice-President. But in the current context of the state confiscated by a seditious, white supremacist, proto-fascist, the combination of a white man for all seasons and a strong black woman- in this country, which has fallen victim to a morbid fascination with the color of one’s skin, having failed to understand what precisely that nation is – is the best that can be hoped for, and which should be encouraged with enthusiasm (= “which, alas, should be encouraged with more or less feigned enthusiasm).

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