Mariam Nouri Hamadameen (2000-2021)

Elle s’appelait Mariam Nouri Hamadameen. Elle avait 21 ans. Elle était Kurde.

Elle n’était pas une vedette, elle était passagère d’un Zodiac surpeuplé qui tenta il y a trois jours de traverser la Manche. Vainement.

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12 réponses à “Mariam Nouri Hamadameen (2000-2021)

  1. Avatar de Chantal montellier
    Chantal montellier

    Mon Dieu!

  2. Avatar de Lonylp

    Cela me fait mal, tellement mal. Ma fille métisse née en 1999 se prénomme Maryam. Elle est dans une grande école de commerce à Paris. Mais qui sait si un jour quand tout finira dans une terreur généralisée… le malheur se répand comme une pandémie, partout, chacun son heure pour le malheur de mourir noyé dans l’eau glaciale.

  3. Avatar de Duncan Sutherland
    Duncan Sutherland

    What has happened to this young woman is clearly troubling. It should not have happened. She should not have stepped into an overcrowded rubber dinghy to cross the English Channel in late November or at any other time. It is far too dangerous. So why did she do it?

    It is reported that she intended to join an Iraqui citizen in the United Kingdom for the purpose of marriage and that she hoped to settle down in England and to make a home near family members who are already living there.

    If the man to whom she is betrothed is legally resident in the UK, she could have travelled to a UK port or airport by a safe means of transport with some prospect of admission. If he is not entitled to reside in the UK on a permanent basis, however, the fact that she plainly intended to do so, having, according to his account, chosen the UK for the purpose of securing a better life for herself, means that she may have wished to avoid the risk of being refused entry or may already have attempted to apply in the normal way but been refused and sent back to the port or airport from which she travelled.

    We are all entitled to choose which country we would like to live in, but the UK does not exist for the purpose of accommodating everyone in the world who might prefer to live here. That plainly would not work and could not work.

    This poor young woman’s last message over her mobile phone as the dinghy took on water and its occupants desperately struggled to keep it afloat was to the effect that she expected that they would be rescued. Apparently, migrants attempting to cross the Channel in this way typically rely on being rescued at some point. Their hope is that this will happen in UK territorial waters so that they will be taken to Dover in a lifeboat or a coastguard or immigration-service vessel. They expect then to apply for political asylum, as that is the currently favoured method of evading immigration regulations.

    In this case, however, the sinking dinghy was still well within French territorial waters, where no British involvement would be contemplated without the agreement of the French Government, which is hypersensitive about such matters, as we have seen.

    Unfortunately, no help came from France, although the migrants had mobile phones. Possibly the dinghy took on water too fast for a rescue to take place. Possibly we shall never know.

    1. Avatar de Zola

      Les guerres expansionistes et le soutien aux dictatures en Afrique contribuent à alimenter les flux migratoires.
      Afghanistan, Irak, Syrie, Lybie qui seront les prochains pays qui seront ramenés à l’âge de la Pierre.

    2. Avatar de ilicitano

      « We are all entitled to choose which country we would like to live in, but the UK does not exist for the purpose of accommodating everyone in the world who might prefer to live here. That plainly would not work and could not work. »

      « Nous avons tous le droit de choisir dans quel pays nous aimerions vivre, mais le Royaume-Uni n’existe pas dans le but d’accueillir tous ceux dans le monde qui pourraient préférer vivre ici. Cela ne fonctionnerait manifestement pas et ne pourrait pas fonctionner. »(traduction)
      Duncan Sutherland

      1. Avatar de arkao

        Je suis en train de lire « Le cœur de l’Angleterre » de Jonathan Coe qui raconte la genèse de tout cela.

        1. Avatar de Hervey

          Vu en images le mot « accueil » souffre d’une traduction … complaisante.

        2. Avatar de Dany

          Les plus pauvres ne peuvent pas même pas se permettre ce genre de voyage , un simple coup d’oeil sur cette photo le confirme

    3. Avatar de Bison, la colle super-puissante
      Bison, la colle super-puissante

      A very honest presentation of facts and related assumptions, without any kind of judgemental tone. I appreciate it even more when you know that too many people, in the presence of such facts, would immediately start to blame those poor and unfortunate people whose only fault would have been to be born in the « wrong » place.

      I am specifically targeting at far right people and supporters, in particular in France where they seem to be existing in huge clusters. According to recent polls, one third of people would either vote for Le Pen or Zemmour, and roughly another third for another right party (LREM or LR), which in my opinion should simply be also considered as far right since they have been competing with Le Pen’s and Zemmour’s extremist proposals. So, roughly two thirds of voting French people are far right or close to far right.

      The day we will all understand/remember that we are temporarily occupying this world, and very soon we will all lie down 6 feet in the ground, maybe will we grant attention to things of higher importance in this world. Such as helping those people in desperate need. And putting humans, all of them, whoever they are and wherever they are, at the center of everything.

      I recently watched a TV show from Arte entitled « La grande famine en Irlande – ARTE » (available on Youtube here: and I am still shaken by the inhumanity shown by the British government, and also by part of the British people (as I don’t want to put every British citizen of that period in the same bag), during those tragic events in Ireland. History repeats again and again. And we never, ever learn anything.

    4. Avatar de Duncan Sutherland
      Duncan Sutherland

      Alas, if the following report is true, it seems that this is a case of the French authorities refusing to mount a rescue in clearly French territorial waters after having being asked for help by the occupants of a sinking vessel:

      Telling them that they should contact the British, who had, of course, no authority to mount any sort of operation in French territorial waters, is an inhumane and utterly disgraceful abnegation of responsibilities.

  4. Avatar de Hervey

    images perdues en route …

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